Wednesday, March 22, 2006

soul searching discussion

let me start by saying that i thought today's class was one of the best discussions we have had all year. also, let me apologize if i came off as challenging people's opinions. that was not my intent. all i was doing was trying to get people to understand the background and everything else that went into Kristen's life. I kind of felt like people took that the wrong way.

so anyway, the question that Dr. Rein presented at the end, about whether or not we were disturbed about Kristen raised a question in my head. Dr. Rein said that he was disturbed that this girl was so shut off to the rest of the religious realm and was so intent on her way or no way without even really knowing what she was believing in. This is where I ask: is it better to believe in something whole-heartedly or not to believe at all? This is the situation I feel that so many teens are presented with. Being that it is taught to many people growing up, that if they want to do something or achieve something, then they need to go at it with all they have. Kristen simply was put in a very difficult situation at a young age and was provided with few options. She could have gone Joy's route and done drugs and not believe in much or she could have picked something to believe in and get over her father's suicide by being devoted to her family and her religion. I don't know many people who would choose their son or daughter to go the route that Joy went. Of course, there are other options, but I don't see what is so wrong with a teenage girl believing in something whole-heartedly and living a happy, fulfilling life after the tragedy she had to go through. I think there is some point in everyone's life where they must reflect upon themselves and think 'what is it exactly that i believe.' I think that Kristen still has that opportunity, just the teenage years were not the right time for her to do that. How many of us did that when we were 13-17? My guess would be not many. But in college and when we learn more and are out making our own decisions, I feel this is when we can truly reflect and establish what we believe. Kristen had set a goal and went after it and she is doing great. She is not being shortsighted or anything like that, she is a teenager that is happy with herself and is achieving what she wants to achieve. She will reflect one day. But there is nothing wrong with the path she has chosen for herself.


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