Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Old Post from the Nacirema article (couldnt post it correctly before)

I don’t really know what to think about this article. Some of the concepts he talks about are so foreign and some really aren’t that foreign at all. First of all, the area he is talking about is vague. It says it’s somewhere between Canada and Mexico, and I don’t understand the other jargon that describes where it is. Somewhere in the US but I don’t know where.

The hog’s hair in the mouth and the magical powders makes it seem as if these people were foreign to us, but the idea of seeing a mouth man with different instruments reminds me of a kind of dentist.

The concepts of the charm box don’t make sense. I don’t really get what he’s talking about there. Maybe medicine boxes of some sort? I don’t know.However, the breast reduction and implants are the same as our culture. Also, the sticking heads in ovens sounds similar to tanning. So all in all, these people sound primitive but their primitive concepts are strikingly similar to our advanced technologies. So how different are they really? Or are we really not that advanced as we think we are?


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