Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Another Old Post from Pluralism Discussion (trying to get my Blog updated)


after todays discussion during class, theres only one reasonable conclusion i could formulate. that is that pluralism is a utopian idea rather than a reasonable concept. pluralism means sacrificing age old traditions and practices simply to assimilate or mix religions in a common area. Based on human nature of greed and the inability to truly understand inherent rites and rules of other religions, pluralism can never truly be achieved.
what possibly may need to happen for even a simple form of pluralism to occur, is in fact to separate. to accept anothers beliefs and practices is one thing, but to sacrifice parts of your own beliefs and practices and compromise your religion leads to tension and conflict. therefore, the idea of separate areas for separate religions may be the only way that all religions can keep their true identity. im not suggesting buddhists in asia, muslims in the middle east and christians in the west, but i am possibly suggesting religious communities without overlap all over the world. stupid and impossible as it may sound, the world could very well be headed in that direction right now. think about it, the amish are pretty much already isoloated as are mormons. as all religions gravitate to diverse areas of the world, conflicts will arise. being that it is unlikely a certain religion will compromise its beliefs, separate but operative areas could be the only solution to deter conflict and tension.


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